IRClass strengthens its Senior Management structure
IRClass strengthens its Senior Management structure
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In a move to strengthen its senior management structure, The Indian Register of Shipping(IRClass) has made significant changes at its top level.

As a part of its organizational restructuring exercise, IRClass has decided to realign the position of Chairman and Managing Director and create two new senior positions.

Mr. Arun Sharma, who is now the Executive Chairman, will focus on matters related to broader policy, overall strategy and mentoring. The board of directors have approved the appointment of Mr. Suresh Sinha as the Managing Director and Mr. Vijay Arora as Joint Managing Director.

Mr. Suresh Sinha, who is a Marine engineer with more than 39 years of experience including 26 years at IRClass, has ably handled various responsibilities within the organisation, will lead and oversee operations, marketing and day-to-day functioning of the organisation.

Mr. Vijay Arora, a Marine engineer with over 33 years of experience which includes 26 years with IRClass, brings with him strong technical expertise and also represents the organisation at various technical fora like IACS & IMO. He will be responsible for all technical and allied functions.

With the addition of these two senior personnel on the Board, IRClass is well positioned to bring about more responsive and quicker decision making. IRClass’ customers will benefit from enhancement of service levels and increased focus on industry requirements.

The changes have been implemented from July 1, 2016.

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