CMIH Kicks Off China's First Cruise Ship Construction
CMIH Kicks Off China's First Cruise Ship Construction
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On March 16th, China Merchants Industry Holding Ltd.celebrated the steel cutting of the first Expedition Cruise Ship (#1) and signing of the construction contract for the second ship (#2) in the Haimen shipbuilding base in Jiangsu. The #1 Vessel herein is the first one of a series of expedition cruise ships to be built by CMIH, and also the first cruise ship built in China as well. CMIH has led the nation’s industries in construction of cruise ships in China.

Mr. Hu Xianfu, the General Manager of CMIH, made his opening speech on behalf of CMIH. He pointed out that, the domestic fabrications/constructions for cruise ships are inspired by the Chinese policy of “Made in China 2025”, and meeting demands of the rapid development in the domestic cruise ship industry.

With a strategy for “building up full production chains of the cruise ship industries”, and for developing broader/new production lines, CMIH has deliberately deployed the cruise ship fabrication as for one of development plans, targeting to be the “most advanced equipment manufacturer”.

Mr. Hu appreciated constant supports from Chinese government and local government, ship owners, and all relevant organizations and companies. Mr. Hu said that, following a principle of “from small to large and from easy to difficult” CMIH will consolidate the construction capacities and technical competences, and gradually accumulate experience and skills for fabrications of medium to large-scale cruise ships. The ultimate goal is for CMIH to achieve the glory and dream of “Cruise Ships Made in China”.

Mr. Yao Rulin, the General Manager of China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) introduced the preparation of the project to the leaders and guests attending the ceremony. He pointed out that with the strong support from CMIH, CMHI has steadily and effectively promoted various preparations for the design and construction of the cruise ship, and carried out related works, such as the construction of supporting facilities and the planning and design of professional cruise bases. CMHI is very confident of the local construction to provide international standards cruise ships with reliable quality and superior performance for shipowners worldwide.

Mr. Niels-Erik Lund, SunStone’s CEO, spoke on behalf of the shipowner. He stated that SunStone and CMIH have always maintained a friendly and professional cooperative relationship. The cooperation between the two companies is full of broad prospects and presents an optimistic trend. The cruise projects signed with CMIH have all found leasing clients and the next phase of the project is under preparation. Niels-Erik stated that he is full of confidence that CMIH can deliver the projects kicked off today with high quality on time.

Ms. Guo Xiaomin, Haimen City Mayor, speaking on behalf of the Haimen City Government, expressed the city’s intention with full supports to the CMIH cruises projects.

Thereafter, the shipowner, the project team and BV signed the “Kickoff certificate of Expedition Cruise Vessel” under the witness of all parties.

Mr. Zhu Guiming, deputy general manager of CMIH, and Mr. Niels-Erik Lund, Sunstone’s CEO signed the construction contract for the #2 vessel, fully demonstrating their determination to cooperate sincerely.

Mr. Tu Fengqing, Vice General Manager of CMIH and the board chairman of CMHI (Jiangsu), together with the shipowners, unveiled models of the exploration cruise ships.

The Expedition Cruise Ship in construction is the first one of a series of 4+6 polar expedition cruise ships to be contracted to CMIH by SunStone. The vessel has a total length of 104.4 meters, a width of 18.4 meters, a design speed of 15.5 knots plus, and with a notation of ice class 1A and POLAR CAT-B regulations. The design meets requirements for safe return, USPH, USCG and other related regulations. Its advanced features and uniqueness are in a globally leading position. The series of ships adopts electric propulsion and advanced control systems, which have unique technical advantages in ship design, interior layout, noise comfort and energy consumption. Designed according to the latest polar parameters standard, it has reached an unprecedented level of safety and environmental protection requirements. No matter in high latitudes or across the earth, it can always sail unimpeded, which has a unique business prospect in the high-end segment.

Source CMIH

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